Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I include my donation(s) on my taxes?

For Monetary Beneficiaries:

Yes! Each monetary beneficiary on our website has tax-exempt status, so your donation to any monetary beneficiary can be included on your taxes. The way it works is after you donate, you will receive an email from the beneficiary that includes a thank you message along with information that you can use for tax purposes.

For PPE Beneficiaries:

Unfortunately, at the moment, no. Donations to PPE Beneficiaries come directly to Hero For Hero, which we then use to buy masks and gloves for the workers at these organizations. At the moment we do not have tax-exempt status but are working on the application needed to be submitted to the IRS in order to gain said status. Please do not let this deter you from donating to PPE Beneficiaries because they are in great need of gloves and masks and your donations towards them would greatly help the cause.

Q2: How will I know if my funds have been received by the organization?

For Monetary Beneficiaries:

Immediately after your donation, an automated email from the monetary beneficiary that you selected will appear in your inbox, thanking you for your gracious donation and in turn confirming that they received the funds.

For PPE Beneficiaries:

Donations towards PPE Beneficiaries will go towards Hero For Hero, where we will take the total amounts for each organization in this category and buy masks and gloves for the frontline/social workers. 1-2 minutes after you donate, you will receive a receipt from SquareUp confirming that your donation was successful. In the next couple of weeks, volunteers associated with Hero For Hero will personally visit each organization and deliver the masks and gloves. Photos will be posted on our social media accounts, which will be activated before we deliver the equipment.

Q3: Are we adding more recipient organizations?

Yes! Our team at Hero For Hero is actively researching and recruiting the non-profit organizations in Austin that need the most support. By mid-July, we aim to have more than fifteen PPE beneficiaries and more than ten Monetary Beneficiaries. If you are part of a non-profit organization that could benefit from being a part of our website, please email us at and we will respond with information on how to get set up.

Q4: Who are we and what do we get out of this?

Hero For Hero is a nonprofit organization founded by Saatvik Billa, a rising senior at Westwood High School. Hero For Hero doesn't make any profit or take any cuts from donations, but rather just facilitates transactions between the donor and recipient organization. When donating to a PPE organization, the funds do come to Hero For Hero, but we use every single penny donated to buy gloves and masks for the beneficiaries selected.