Hero For Hero

A central platform for helping the organizations that help us

Please donate today through the following options

To a PPE Beneficiary

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment, which refers to items such as masks and gloves

Your donation will go towards purchasing masks for each organization. We are in the process of expanding the variety of PPE.

A group of volunteers associated with Hero For Hero will personally go to each organization's location and deliver the masks and gloves to them. Photos will be posted on the website.

To a Monetary Beneficiary

Your donation is transferred directly to the organization's account, where they will use the money in the best way possible to help alleviate their costs incurred due to COVID-19.

500 masks donated so far

$400+ raised

5+ communities impacted

Click here to see photos of the first delivery of masks that took place on Wednesday, July 15!

About Us

Hero for Hero establishes a clear and user-friendly interface that brings organizations and donors closer together. Our website serves as a central platform for viewing non-profits and frontline worker organizations in Austin that are accepting donations in order to recuperate the losses incurred due to Covid-19. Divided into two categories, organizations are either classified as Monetary Beneficiaries or PPE Beneficiaries. This is further explained in the How To Help section below.
Frontline workers and social/medical organizations have been serving us this whole time, so it is our duty to show them that we care and appreciate their hard work. If you would like to donate, please scroll down to the next section. Thank you and stay safe!

*We use SquareUp to process transactions, which takes a 2.90% + $0.30 cut from each donation.

Photo by Dre Nieto on Unsplash

How to Help

Select a location by scrolling through the list below. Google maps have been provided to show where these organizations are located in Austin.

A mask image represents a PPE Beneficiary and the money a Monetary one. When you click Donate you will be redirected to a either a unique SquareUp payment form or a third-party donation page.

After completing your transaction, a receipt will be emailed to you. Feel free to read through the rest of website after. Thank you!



A Step Further

Become a Recipient Organization

Send us an email at alwaysh4h@gmail.com and we'll set up a meeting.

We will exchange financial information, enter your information in the database, and you'll be good to go!

Current Recipients

Coming Soon!

We are currently working on implementing a system where donors are allowed to order food online on our website from fast food chains and have them delivered to homeless shelters. Additionally, organizations will soon be able to post any specific materials/items that would cater better to their needs. Updates will be posted in the following weeks.


Here I am with Donna, an employee at the Salvation Army. After all the generous contributions, the total amount of masks we were able to donate was 150. Donna clearly told us how grateful they were as the shelters they are in charge of are in dire need of masks currently. The Covid-19 situation has exponentially risen in Austin for the past month, and with more of your contributions, we will be able to donate even more PPE!

Making the Best Of It


Covid-19 has definitely had a big impact on our lives, but if we look at the situation from a positive angle, we can see that we have more time on our hands now. Some things you can do now:

  • Develop your hobbies
  • Learn a new skill
  • Review your academic work
  • If a rising senior, start thinking about college apps

Additionally, make sure to keep some time for yourself and catch up with friends and family.

  • Call and text friends
  • Exercise daily
  • Catch up on your favorite show or discover a new one


Take it upon yourselves to revisit school subjects from this year, or visit educational websites such as khanacademy.org. A great place to build upon skills and academically-oriented hobbies is udemy.com, where you can learn anything from coding to social media marketing. Additionally, if you are looking for help on any subjects, Big Brain Tutoring, a local and free tutoring service run by Westwood High School students, is a great service to look at. More information about them can be found at bigbraintutoring.net.

Stay Home & Stay Safe

It is important that during this difficult time, we all stay home to prevent the disease from spreading. We have to prove that we as humans have enough will-power and determination to stop the disease from taking us out, and the only way we can do that is we follow proper safety guidelines. We are fortunate enough to have the internet to keep us all connected, so let us use that to our advantage and discover things we never had a chance to.